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A standard presentation of results includes:

  • Genealogical tables in PDF format (genealogical tree).
  • Genealogical reports, with the details of all people found, divided into family groups and generations.
  • A GEDCOM file with all data obtained, which is serviced by any genealogical software.

The presentation of results also includes:

  • Etymology of surname or surnames with their current distribution across Poland.
  • Copies of all documents, obtained by Genopolis, in the form of photographs or scans.

When the research includes looking for living family members, the presentation will also include:

  • Their addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, current photographs etc.

The forms of presentation described here are only a suggestions. All our presentations are tailored to individual requirements.

Copies of documents obtained in genealogical research which have not been processed by Genopolis are also available at the Client's request.



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