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Polish genealogy research

Welcome to the official web page of Genopolis, a company offering a wide range of services relating to Polish genealogy and genealogical research in Poland. This is a site for everyone who wishes to discover the unknown past of ancestors or find out about their Polish roots, but who for whatever reason, cannot do it personally. Genopolis stands for professionalism, experience, reliability and confidentiality – you can entrust us with the history of your family, without any further deliberation. Genopolis is the right address for placing any of your genealogical orders.

Genealogy can be a wonderful journey into the past. There are many genealogists in Poland, who are respected and well-known all over the world. Polish genealogy research will help you to discover many secrets and interesting things about your ancestry. It can be a really fanstastic experience. You can do this for yourself or for the next generations. Polish ancestors have a really interesting history. We have got a lot of kings, prince and princess. Maybe you will find out about your royal descent.

Association of Professional Genealogists

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